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Industrial Cold Break Tomato Paste

Conventional & Organic Varieties

Our ability to run Hot Break, Modified Hot Break and Cold Break temperatures gives us the flexibility to run a wide range of Bostwick and color specifications.  Adjustable finishing screens produce custom product finishes, and multiple evaporators provide the capability to run two product finishes simultaneously.  Ultimately, TomaTek® consistently delivers tomato paste with better color and the right Bostwick and flavor profile to meet your needs.


(Featured Photos: 31% NTSS  SCN .033)

MFG# Description Size Container
4803600900 31% NTSS SCN .033 55 Gal. Fiber Drum
4913600900 36% NTSS SCN .033 300 Gal. Wooden Bin
4805100900 Organic 31% NTSS SCN .033 55 Gal. Fiber Drum
4903800900 Organic 31% NTSS SCN .033 300 Gal. Wooden Bin


Please contact us at for ingredient and other specification details.


None (FDA, CFIA).  Gluten Free.