Our Story

It was a very different world in 1915 when San Benito Foods began processing and packaging California fresh-pack tomatoes.  A hundred years have gone by, and while the companies of Neil Jones Food have grown and progressed with the times, we have held firmly to this core value:  

We are real people, making real products, of real quality, grown and processed exclusively here in the U.S.A.

We don’t take shortcuts here.  Throughout our evolution as a company, we have become experts at knowing not only where to find the best growing regions, but where to find the best growers who share our high quality and sustainability standards.  We work closely with them and our agronomists year after year, understanding that to produce the finest tomato and fruit products, you have to start with the finest ingredients.

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Throughout the year, our plants produce a variety of California tomato and Pacific Northwest fruit products for industrial, foodservice and retail customers. Our Northwest Packing facility has been canning Pacific Northwest fruit and providing industrial juices, purees and blends since the 1970s. Our TomaTek facility, built from the ground up in the 1980s, quickly became a leader in aseptic technology supplying fresh-pack California tomatoes in industrial sizes and convenient #10 equivalent pouches. Because freshness and quality are our primary goals, we work long hours to ensure every product meets not only our strict quality standards, but most importantly – yours.

The customer list at the Neil Jones Food Company is diverse – from the finest independent restaurants in the country, to children’s lunch trays across the U.S. We also customize products for food manufacturers, chain restaurants, healthcare facilities, juice manufacturers, and cruise lines around the world. Whether you’ve known it or not, you’ve probably enjoyed our fine products in your favorite retail private label brands or enjoyed them in fine restaurants throughout North America.

We have so many ways we can serve you. Our diverse capabilities are really limitless for customizing to your exact needs. So, whoever you are, regardless of your application, if you’re looking for a quality product that will bring out the best in your fare, the Neil Jones Food Company will exceed your expectations every time.

James Matthew Jones, CEO