San Benito Label

Our mission to produce quality tomato products
still stands.

As the preeminent packer of fresh, vivid, vine-ripened California tomatoes for over 100 years, San Benito® is proud to present our offering of fine products to the most discriminating Chefs, Restauranteurs, and Pizzaiolos.

California tomatoes are renowned worldwide as THE tomato for the most delicious sauces and tomato dishes.  San Benito® harvests its tomatoes from the heart of California tomato country, in the San Joaquin Valley. In no other location do the soil and climate come together to orchestrate the harmonious conditions necessary to create the finest tomatoes in the world.

Our unique year-round collaboration with top California growers ensures we “fresh-pack” the ripest, most flavorful tomatoes, for their best application throughout the growing season.

When you see the San Benito® label, know you are getting the very best in texture, flavor, color, size and shape.