A tomato supplier you can trust.

We at The Neil Jones Food Company® work diligently to maintain an exceptional reputation with our chain restaurant partners. Because of our top-notch Product Development department and our state of the art plant facilities, we are able to consistently and efficiently produce custom blend, proprietary tomato products and sauces for customers with a range of needs. From a few thousand cases to a few hundred thousand cases a year, we get the job done. As a result, we have long-term relationships and our customers trust us to provide quality, value, and outstanding service as their restaurant supplier.

We pack chain customers’ proprietary product in both #10 cans and #10 can-equivalent pouches. Many customers have switched to our pouch product, as it provides significant savings by reducing storage requirements, freight costs, disposal costs and workers’ comp claims. Not only is this good for your bottom line, but it’s good for the environment too. More cases per truck mean less transportation, less emissions, and a lighter carbon footprint. That’s something we can all get behind.

We have established a nationwide Broker, Distributor and Warehouse Network to ensure our products are available to every region of the US, Canada and International Markets.

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