California Industrial Tomato Products

Our TomaTek operation is a leading provider of industrial use fresh-pack pouch and tomato products. Sold in steel and fiber drums as well as in 300-gallon wooden bins, our Industrial Diced, Paste, Concentrated Crushed and Organic Tomato Products are used as a base by a wide range of users.

TomaTek’s aseptic system moves tomatoes through the cooking process quickly, retaining brighter color, more consistent texture ad fresher flavor, which results in a more beautiful and delicious end product for our customers.

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Pacific Northwest Fruit Juice Concentrates

For more than 50 years, people have been enjoying the delicious quality of our Oregon Trail® Pacific Northwest fruits canned by the Northwest Packing Company. We’ve taken this experience to heart and expanded our product line to include a variety of custom blended Industrial Juice Concentrates, Essences, Purees and more!  With the most technologically advanced processing equipment available, our skilled juice technicians can custom blend a variety of fruit juice concentrates to meet any customer’s juice and flavor needs.

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We have established a nationwide Broker, Distributor and Warehouse Network to ensure our products are available to every region of the US, Canada and International Markets.

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