We are a family-run, privately-owned, U.S. Corporation processing fresh-packed Pacific Northwest Fruit and California Tomatoes. 

All of our products are made in the U.S.A.

We are real people with a real passion for quality, fresh-packed products.

California Tomato Products

We sustainably fresh-pack the reddest, sweetest San Joaquin Valley tomatoes within hours of harvest. Whether you’re looking for tomatoes in cans, pouches, in a custom sauce or industrial varieties, we have you covered.

Pacific Northwest Fruit Products

We process only the finest Pacific Northwest Pears, Cherries, Plums and Cranberries offering premium quality canned fruit and Industrial Juice Concentrates.

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Service and quality are the foundation of our business. This means better service, better quality and convenience for you when it comes to juice, fruits and tomato products – all at a competitive price. Our family’s commitment to these things has not wavered.

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While much has changed since 1915, much has stayed the same.

In 1915, our first can of premium quality San Benito tomatoes rolled off the line, fresh from the field. That same year the phonograph took the world by storm, the first transcontinental telephone call was made between Virginia and Paris, and the Ford Motor Company produced its one-millionth Model T.

The Neil Jones Food Company was born in a time of innovation, and continues its drive toward progress with each new generation. We never stop striving for new, sustainable ways to offer the highest quality customer service and fresh-packed fruit and tomato products.


The Neil Jones Food Company is made up of three processing facilities that are strategically located for National and International shipping. All of our plants operate on a tradition of excellence and at the highest industry standards.