A cutting edge industrial producer and a leader in aseptic technology.

We process fresh-pack California tomatoes in convenient 6/#10 equivalent pouches and industrial sizes including 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. Our established, nationwide Broker, Distributor and Warehouse network ensures our products are available to every region of the US, Canada and International markets.

Starting with fresh, quality, California tomatoes, individual receiving systems keep the varieties separated while sorting teams, aided by electronic color sorters, select only the best fruit for processing.

Learn more about our continued promise to provide our customers with the highest quality products and service in our Letter of Guarantee.

TomaTek’s aseptic system moves tomatoes through the cooking process faster. By reducing the time the product is exposed to elevated temperatures, we retain brighter color, more consistent texture and fresher flavor.

With one of the most advanced microbiological labs in the industry, TomaTek conducts extensive laboratory procedures both on-line and at the finished product stage. This ensures premium tomato quality during the entire process.

Old California is our branded line of pouch products packaged in foodservice-size #10 equivalent pouches. See our Old California Brand Page for more details!